Barry Bailey of Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane club, ordered to pay historic debt to Richard Nightingale.

Picture of aircraft G-AXTL built in 1969 and used for flight training by Barry Bailey’s company, Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club at Bristol Airport.

After hearing the case against Bristol and Wessex Flying Club and after hearing evidence by Barry Bailey, District Judge Field confirmed he did not accept Mr Bailey’s argument, and ordered that he pay historic debt, owed to Professional Flying Ltd, a not-for-profit company, trading as Bristol Flying, a debt owed since 2018.

Richard Nightingale, Managing Director of Professional Flying Ltd said, “Mr Bailey has always maintained that he would not pay this outstanding debt. On many occasions he claimed not to have the invoices to be able to pay; however, even after a meeting in 2020, when I placed copies of the invoices in Mr Bailey’s hands myself and was promised payment the following day, it still didn’t happen. I think that for him to behave in such a way and withhold legitimate payment from a not-for-profit business, such as Professional Flying, is very poor.”

“Even worse, Barry Bailey gave an interview to BBC Points West in November 2020 saying that I, as managing director of Professional Flying Ltd, actually owed him money even though, at the time, he was aware he was still to face these current allegations; a fact that he omitted to explain during his BBC interview, making a wholly one-sided broadcast, a broadcast lacking all the facts. The BBC Watch dog, OFCOM, is currently investigating.”

“Even though Bristol and Wessex Flying Club has been ordered to pay this debt, to date, it has still not been received. We hope that Barry Bailey will do as the Court orders, but if payment is still withheld, we might have to involve High Court Enforcement Officers who will seize goods owned by Bristol and Wessex Flying Club to the value of the debt.”

“Since Mr Bailey’s behaviour has become public knowledge, we have been contacted by concerned members of the public, with other comments about Bristol and Wessex Club, one pilot alleging that Barry Bailey’s company refused his aircraft fuel at Bristol Airport, even though it was explained that lack of fuel might develop into an emergency situation. This matter and others have been reported to the fuel distribution company, Gulf Aviation and Bristol Airport authorities, but a full reply is still to be received. Due to the serious implications, the Civil Aviation Authority was also notified. Please use the contact form on this website, if you have also been affected by anything in this story.”

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